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KoalaWriter is a simple text editor with an attractive appearance.
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KoalaWriter is a simple text editor with an attractive appearance. Surprisingly, the lack of advanced editing features is actually the program's greatest asset, as the app seems to have been designed with one clear objective – to let you focus on the ideas that cross your mind, instead of enhancing the appearance of your written text.

The moment you open the application, it will cover your entire screen, so that useless visual stimuli won’t distract you from your stream of thought. Moreover, the program comes with soothing image backgrounds and soft music to stimulate your creativity. Additionally, you can enable keyboard sounds to emulate a classic typing machine.

As I already anticipated, the editing options have been reduced to a minimum. For visual reasons, you are provided with the ability to zoom in and out the written text, as well as to change the font's style and color with just a few clicks. Once these features are enabled, they will affect the entire written text, so that you can read and revise the text in an easier way. Unfortunately, you aren't able to highlight fragments of your composition. No matter the selection, the font-related modification will alter the whole text.

The writing area is highly customizable in terms of size, transparency, and position on the screen. Your composition is saved automatically every three minutes as a TXT format file.

To sum up, KoalaWriter is a seamless text editor designed for people with writing affinities. The default background images and ambient music are great for stimulating writing skills, but I would prefer to have the freedom of importing other pictures and tracks from my own collection, better suited to my creative needs.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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Review summary


  • Attractive text editor
  • Full-screen writing mode
  • Basic text editor that lets you focus on ideas and content
  • Creates a relaxing atmosphere to unleash creativity


  • Can't highlight text fragments
  • Can't replace image/music background with personal pictures and tracks
  • Exports only to TXT
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