KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel Free 2.9

Free Perform simple knowledge and data mining operations.
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Check out an assistant suite for data mining and knowledge building with MS Excel. Work with the instruments for building and enhancing predictive models with a minimal number of variables and parameters. Discover hidden relationships between elements, establish connections, etc.

KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel Free – Entry-Level Knowledge and Data Mining for Everybody.Simple, objective, fast. Develop reliable predictive models in only two steps.You know about the value of your data? Find unknown relevant relationships in your scientific, business or personal data easily by sophisticated, forward looking self-organizing knowledge mining methods for prediction, classification, or simulation tasks in various fields.KnowledgeMiner comes with a tutorial and a number of example data and models like World Oil Price prediction and simulation till 2025,, monthly Global Warming predictions and What Drives Global Warming, or Reproductive Toxicity prediction of chemicals to help you getting started with your data.KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel Free is a knowledge mining tool that works with data stored in Microsoft Excel for building predictive and descriptive models from this data autonomously. Start developing predictive models from low to high-dimensional and noisy data of a few up to 50,000 input variables in our Gold Edition. Automatically and amazingly easy. Export your developed models back to Excel to further predict, analyze, and deploy models in the familiar environment of Excel. KnowledgeMiner is based on a proven 50-year research history and development of essential concepts in mathematics, statistics, information and computer science, and systems theory. It implements outstanding self-organizing modeling algorithms to significantly reduce time-to-deploy of models by the factor of 10 or more compared to other data mining tools. KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel Free is forecasting software, where you can analyze and forecast processes that take place over time, statistical analysis and modeling software to better understand how a complex problem can be described mathematically, and classification software in one tool. It provides a fast and unique way for scientists and business users to generate and apply reliable models from low- to high-dimensional noisy data for a wide range of problems.KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel scales to your growing modeling needs as it comes in four flavors: The Free version, which is this App Store version, Copper, Silver, and Gold. For differences between the editions, please visit the download section of our website. In any case, there is a clear upgrade path to higher editions once you need them.If you like the Free version, please consider purchasing a paid edition. You will get more power by extended features and you will be supporting its future development.Features & Benefits• Brings Entry-Level Personal Knowledge Mining to Excel users with unprecedented ease of model building and ease of model deployment likewise.• Hides all complex processes of knowledge extraction, model development, dimension reduction, variables selection, noise filtering for avoiding overfitted models, and model validation to the user.• Uses the familiar interface and functionality of Microsoft Excel for storing and organizing the data, building models, and working with the developed models.• Self-organizes linear or nonlinear, static or dynamic regression models along with the equation that describes the data from up to 50,000 input variables in our Gold edition.• High-dimensional modeling by implementing unique model validation methods, which significantly help answering a key question if and to which extent the developed model reflects a causal relationship or if it just models noise. This leads to the concept of Descriptive Power of a model.• Generated analytical models can be used for Status Quo or What-If prediction, analysis, simulation, or optimization problems in Excel.• Nonparametric forecasting models for fuzzy objects based on Similar Patterns technology.Requires Microsoft Excel Mac 2011, 2008, or 2004.

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