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Free Mind challenging & strategic card game.
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This is a 'double' solitaire game like no other! Important note: Klondike Battle is based on 'Russian Bank' and has different rules to begin with. Why? First of all you play head-to-head against an opponent (human or computer) to determine who the best is! You are constantly trying to play your cards strategically onto the playing field, which you share with your opponent. The smarter player can increase its winning chances, by carefully checking all possibilities and making the better moves. In the classic solitaire game, you challenge yourself, but in Klondike Battle you challenge your opponent. Secondly the game Klondike Battle has a great game pace whilst you also play against the clock. Who makes better choices in the time given? Is it you? The time is literally ticking against you, while you try to solve the best possible move! No more waiting for slower players, it keeps the pace going! And last but not least, you can pound your opponent mental state with cards you cannot play to the playing board and give yourself the advantage in the game! Your opponent will not appreciate this, resulting in hilarious sounds of annoyance. This game is timeless and I think once you've mastered the game you will love it! Take your time, this game will stick with you through the years, I know it does! Users opinions: "..once learned, it's really addictive..." "A card game for the real persistent people that want to be challenged!" "...difficult but challenging at the same time..." Features Four levels of difficulty Play against one human on same iPhone New challenging opponents Cup Challenging Statistics Ranking Player Account Management Online rank tables
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Renewed game and playing experience after quite a long time!



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