Klokki Slim

Klokki Slim 1.1

Track the time directly from the menu bar of your Mac.
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Stas Moor

Klokki Slim delivers a powerful and beautiful way of time-tracking directly from the menu bar. The tool helps you stay focused on your work and enjoy an efficient way of tracking your time on projects. You can track your revenue by defining an hourly rate on folders and tasks. You can monitor how you worked within a week by checking the chart view or select multiple time-sessions.

The timer gets out of your way and always stays just a click away in the menubar. This way, you can also have a quick glance to check how much time you already spent and not lose the focus. The folders and tasks structure provides a flexible way of organizing your projects. You can choose from a set of colors to better fit the identity of your projects. Keyboard shortcuts will improve your workflow and help to be even faster. Klokki Slim provides the possibility to set up your own shortcuts and have full control even without a mouse.