Kiko - The Last Totem

Kiko - The Last Totem 1.2

The precious totem of Kiko has been stolen by Yaru, the lord of the forbidden...
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Kiko: The Last Totem is a unique and addicting puzzle game. Help Kiko get the precious totem back!
On a mysterious island, in a lost world... Kiko was watching over the last totem of the Gods. This totem was a protection for the island.One day, Yaru, the Lord of the forbidden mountain stole it. The Gods became very angry.
Now Kiko needs to get the precious totem back before Yaru destroys it! Will you help him?
Solve over 200 awesome levels through 4 beautiful worlds, create your own levels using the level editor and share them with your friends!
Hundreds of levels to unlock, Thousands to create!
- Featuring over 200 awesome levels divided in three levels of difficulty
- Create your own levels with the included Level Editor
- Beautiful and sharp graphics
- Easy to learn, using the interactive tutorial
- Multiple Users: Create up to 4 profiles
- Hours of gameplay and counting
- Great soundtrack and sound effects HUNDREDS OF LEVELS
Solve over 200 smart and beautiful levels, and collect the 15 totem pieces Yaru dispersed through the island! Swipe each character to make them move and find the solution for each level!
Use the integrated Level Editor to create and play your own levels! Featuring dozens of items and decorations. Using a simple drag'n drop system, create YOUR level and challenge your friends on it!
Kiko: The Last Totem includes a really unique feature that allow you to send your created levels to your friends by e-mail! Your friends will click the link you sent them and your level will be added to their game! How fantastic is that?
Create a great level and challenge them on it!

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