Kids vs Goblins

Kids vs Goblins 3.0

A real-time strategy game with three child protagonists in a fantasy setting.
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Kids vs Goblins is a real-time strategy game in which you control three child combatants imbued with magical powers in a number of challenges against a variety of goblin enemies. There are three "stances" which each of the three can fulfill: offense, support, and defense/healing. The user controls a set of spells that corresponds to each character and their stance, as well as the movement and attack targeting of the characters themselves.

Despite sound game mechanics, the interface in the Mac version is frustratingly unresponsive. Movement and attack commands can take up to five seconds to be registered, if they're not ignored completely, and targeted spell commands seem to choose a target randomly unless they're dragged and dropped manually - a unnecessarily time-consuming act to have to repeat. The variety of unlockable scenes and goals goes a long way to making this game enjoyable to play, but those used to a more streamlined process may just find it frustrating.

Sam's Protip: The game starts out with the girl being the non-combative "alchemist" (i.e. healer) by default, but at least it's possible to switch things up on later levels.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Variety of challenges, enemies, and abilities call for constant adaptation of strategy
  • Having their ilk as main characters will appeal to children


  • Unresponsive interface
  • Generic cutscenes before and after every fight are a nuisance
  • Confusing "stance" system
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