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Kid Match Race MA is an educational game for kids.
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Kid Match Race MA is an educational game for kids. It should help kids improve their math skills by letting them practice simple math operations. The game uses a race to encourage the kids to get the correct answer fast. The race is between a car and a different animal at each level. I thought that with each correct answer, the animal would move faster and help me win the race, but regardless of how fast you solve the operations, the speed at which the animal moves does not increase. After 10 operations, you get a window showing how many operations you got right and how many you got wrong, but that is it. Neither the car nor the animal ever reach the other side of the window, which is kind of disappointing. The math operations that need to be solved can be customized from the Practice window. There you can choose whether you want to be shown operations where you have to solve a subtraction, addition, multiplication or division, or if you want to solve "guess the sign" operations. You can also choose the difficulty there.

Kid Math Race MA isn't the best basic math game that I have seen; not for a long stretch. It has very bad graphic and game design. And I didn't think the game was encouraging enough. If you are going to make a game where the kids have to win a race, at least let them win it.

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  • Free
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  • Very bad game design
  • Not encouraging



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