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Free KeyMaster is a free password management tool for the Mac.
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KeyMaster is a free password management tool for the Mac. It is a very simple application that lets you store your passwords and user accounts in a single location. All the information that you input into this application is protected by Twofish encryption, so any attempt to steal your data will require the attacker to crack this encryption, which as far as I am concerned isn't an easy task.

The first thing that you are asked to do when you launch the application is to type a password. It must be at least 8 characters long and something you can easily remember. If you ever lose the password, you won't be able to access your information. Once you have successfully protected the database, you can start adding entries. For each entry, you can add an entry name, and an user name and password. That is all the information that you can enter. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a small padlock. You can lock the application by clicking on it, and when locked, you will only be able to unlock it by typing your password. There is a search field at the top that can be very useful after you have added several entries and need to find one quickly.

As a precaution, KeyMaster will lock the database for you after twenty minutes of inactivity. This is a nice feature, but, unfortunately, you can't change the time that it takes to lock it.

In short, for a free tool, KeyMaster does a good job of storing simple accounts and passwords. However, there are many features that I like in a password manager that are not included in KeyMaster, like browser integration, syncing, a preferences window, and a few more.

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  • Simple and free
  • Encrypted database


  • No browser integration
  • No syncing
  • No Preferences window


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