KeymapPro 2.3

Create, edit, combine automap, autoloop, process your sampled instruments/sounds
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Create, edit, combine, automap, autoloop, slice, process your sampled instruments/sounds for Logic and Mainstage (EXS24), Kontakt3 and 4, Structure and Reason NNXT.
Keymap Pro is the most advanced application for editing sampled instruments available today.
Keymap integrates with Logic and Mainstage so that you can use it as an additional editor for your EXS24 instruments from within the Logic/Mainstage environment without having to load/save files and refresh menus. With this feature, the combination of Logic and Keymap offers the most sophisticated sampling environment ever.
Main Features
-Sampled Instruments editor for the EXS24, Kontakt3 and 4, Structure and Reason NNXT formats.
-AIFF, WAV, SD2, CAF, Apple Lossless, AAC support
-Autosplit samples and AutoMap with Pitch, Power, Decay, Spectral detection
-The most advanced DSP looping tools, crossfades and playback modes
-Loop the unloopable with Escher, Penrose, Moebius DSP Machines and AutoLoop
-SoundDesign processing with AudioUnit support
-Harmonic resynthesis with control over pitch, formant, time and amplitude and Polyphonation
-New Resynthesis Algorithm for polyphonic/drum samples
-Pitch Correction
-Built-in multichannel Recording and AutoSampling
-AutoMap functions for live recordings offer autosampling for acoustic instruments
-3D Spatialization using 5 different algorithms including HRTF
-Drag and drop Magic Pads for import and export
-Dynamic velocity remapping
-Quadrasmooth function equalizes the sample levels
-Custom remapper to convert drum maps
-Sample slicing with instant remix feature
-Realtime and non destructive, exports standard sample files
-Direct integration with Logic and Mainstage
-Continuous background sample rendering
-Extensive modulation possibilities for sound design
-AutoSampler Live functions for interactive autosampling
-Support for floating point audio formats
-Export to multiple formats at once and Render in place
-MIDI Assignable editing parameters
-Multichannel support up to 24 channels
-Multiple playback personalities to replicate each format features
-Integrated Sample Editor
-Integrated Browser
-CoreAnimation-based intuitive interface with simplified modes
-32/64bit Standalone application

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