KeyCue 6.5

KeyCue helps you find and learn menu keyboard shortcuts for your Mac apps.
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KeyCue is a simple program that helps you find and learn new keyboard shortcuts for your Mac's applications. This small utility comes in handy for those who wish to save some time and effort while working on their Macs by enabling shortcut keys for the programs they use.

Once you launch this application, it will sit on your menubar and you can access it whenever you wish to remember a menu hotkey combination or enable a new one. This program helps you work more efficiently and with its assistance, in time, you get to memorize the menu shortcuts that matter to you.

KeyCue offers you complete table containing dozens of keyboard shortcuts for most common Mac programs. A good thing about using this application is that it enables you to assign your own shortcut keys for easier access to any program you use and it's not in the offered table yet.

The only disadvantage I can find while using KeyCue is for the fact that, in order to have access to more shortcut entries, I had to download extra files from the homepage of the developer. As for the rest, the program proved to be of good use as it helps me work more efficiently.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives you access to dozens of keyboard shortcuts for various programs
  • You can enable your own shortcut keys


  • For additional shortcut entries, you need to download extra files from the homepage of the developer
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