KEYcorporate 2.0

net access, management, content filtering system
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KEYcorporate is your ultimate new system of DIFFERENTIATED WEB SUFING that enable organizations to manage and optimise employee Internet use in the workplace by combining Gestweb technologies (childKEY, Age Sender, TimeLimit Control) Semantic Internet Content Filtering, Access Management with just one product. KEYcorporate is a server-based system, that can provides the most advanced and comprehensive solution to an organization's need to ensure compliance with their Internet usage policies. Filter the type of Web site being requested, the usage time during the day, who is requesting the site, and the organization's usage policies (e.g. whether to permit, block, manage the user's request) are some of the main features of KEYcorporate
What's new in this version:
new architecture new ADMIN tool new USERS/GROUPS administration new MIME TYPE section added Black/White list administration added Size quoting new TIME LIMIT section new Start/stop panel in the Preference Panel increased performances



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