Key Codes

Key Codes 1.2

Recognizes keys, key combinations, their associated key code and unicode value.
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Key Codes is a utility that will identify and display the pressed keys on a keyboard, along with the resulting character, the associated key code, the unicode value and the modifier keys state. Unicode represents a standard for encoding, representing and handling a text in the computing industry. Key codes are series of alphanumeric characters that locksmiths use in creating keys.
It is a simple utility, with a single window with no panes or tabs as workspace and with no tools needed for its job to be done. The window can be set to float, meaning that it will overlay the other open windows present on the desktop. Since the results it returns consist in unicode values and key codes, it is a utility which can be found useful by developers. The utility will recognize keys and key combinations, however, it will miss some (e.g., cmd+space, F1, F2).
Key Codes is a utility which developers can consider to be a useful tool, given that it will return key codes, unicode values and modifier keys when pressing keys on the keyboard.

Margie Smeer
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  • Returns key codes and unicode values


  • It will miss some keys and key combinations
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