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Identity theft is one of the main concerns for anyone doing online banking or owning accounts with sensitive information; users usually store their credit card details or login information in text files, which immediately become susceptible to theft. Keeper can provide a much safer solution; the application allows users to manage their most private data in an encrypted and secure environment. And what's more, it's free.

Keeper has a compact and intuitive interface making it easy to use. Start by creating a master password to the program. As soon as you login, you can create new entries (complete with fields for passwords, users, URL) and store them comprehensively in folders. A search function is available to help you quickly locate the piece of data you need.

The application includes import and export features to PDF and TXT type files as well as synchronization with mobile phones or other computers via the Internet.

In terms of security, Keeper employs military strength encryption algorithms (AES) to make sure no one has access to your data.

All in all, Keeper proves to be a very handy application for either managing or securing Internet, bank accounts and any information you hold dear.

Rory Shaffer
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