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That is a utility that comes with a ton of system services.
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That is a utility that comes with a ton of services that you can access from almost any application on your Mac. The services range from simple currency conversions and translating texts to moving files and removing duplicates. The services can be accessed by either right-clicking on a file or text or by using the menubars.

You need to select the services that you want to add from the System Preferences before you can use them. Each service will be available depending on a set of conditions. For example, if you want to use the "Copy to Applications" service, there has to be a file selected.

The range of services available is quite broad and I found some gems that I would use on a daily basis. All of the "Copy and Move" services are very useful. The feature I mentioned above moves any selected files to the Applications folder and this can save a lot of time if that is your frequent operation. I do that pretty often when installing programs from disk images. There are similar services to copy and move files to the desktop, documents folder, or downloads.

Some other interesting services include the ability to search on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Google Images, Google Maps, IMDB, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and YouTube.

In conclusion, KavaServices may be quite useful and it can save your time. It is easy to configure and the services that I tried all worked well.

José Fernández
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  • Customizable services
  • A number of services


  • You have to access the system preferences to add services
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