kast Launcher

kast Launcher 1.2

front end for the kast p2p software
1.2 (See all)

kast Launcher makes it easy Mac users to run the powerful new kast software from hcsoftware. kast features a web based UI that allows you to do the following... subscribe to channels that match your interests go to bed wake up in the morning to the files that have arrived on your subscribed channels feel certain that the files are legit, thanks to konspire2b's heavy-duty, automatic, digital signatures unsubscribe from channels that disappoint you build trust for a channel owner's tastes over time (owners are completely responsible for what goes out on their channels) spend the time that you used to spend searching doing other less frustrating things (see 8 for a suggestion) start a channel to broadcast your own files
What's new in this version:
fix i/o issues with the kast binary starts the user's default browser for the kast UI fixed up UI to allow resizing, moved prefs to side drawer quit launcher app and kill local kast server when main window closes general code cleanup

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