Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac

Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac 19.0

A powerful program that helps you keep your Mac safe from harmful threats.
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac is a powerful and reliable program that helps you keep your Mac safe of viruses. This program enables you to scan critical areas of your computer with a feature named Quick Scan or you can perform a full scan, as well.

The program comes with a report page where you can find the latest events of Kaspersky. Here you find information about the detected viruses and the actions that are made against them. You can also find the files that are in quarantine.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac constantly updates in order to always keep you computer safe and to know the latest type of viruses. You can select to update the program manually or automatically every day.

In program options you can select the grade of protection between maximum speed, recommended and maximum protection. At maximum speed you have minimum protection and maximum CPU performance, in recommended you have optimal protection but it consumes resources. Maximum protection is recommended only when you work in hostile environment for your Mac and it provides maximum protection against harmful threats.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac allows you to create a schedule for automatic scan for Quick Scan and Full Scan.

Therefore, Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac is one of the best anti-Viruses available on the market and you can trust it to keep your Mac safe from harmful threats.

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