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Kanji Workbooks 1.0

UPDATE: Some people have been asking about Level 7.
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UPDATE: Some people have been asking about Level 7. The kanji dictionary I use to create the worksheets predates this recent revision, and therefore is missing. This will be fixed soon, however for most people there will be plenty to be kept busy with until then!In addition I am working on dynamic worksheet creation, so you can create your own workbooks!----Kanji Workbooks provides you with the complete set of the Japanese Joyou Kanji for handwriting practice.Each page provides multiple boxes for drills, but you can always print more if you need more practice!On each opposing side you have the on-yomi and kun-yomi, and the English meanings of each kanji.Once downloaded, you can print as many copies of each of the 10 included workbooks as you like. A preview of each workbook is also shown in the app.--The author, Mathieu Tozer, himself a master of Japanese, created these workbooks to revise his knowledge and understanding of the beautiful characters. These workbooks are the perfect complement to your current study or revision of written Japanese.

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