Justinmind 8.7

Allows designing prototypes of web and mobile apps and running simulations.
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Justinmind allows designing prototypes of web and mobile apps and running their simulations, which is essential in communicating ideas to the developing team and other stakeholders. In this respect, it is absolutely great to have the opportunity to create mockups and even use real data without worrying about the underlying code.

The tool has a well-designed interface and a few features to help smoothing the learning curve a little. For instance, there is a welcoming wizard to take you through the initial steps of defining your prototype’s settings. Besides, it supports two working modes: Beginners and Experts. What is more, there are multiple learning materials in the form of tutorials, examples and documentation.

Justinmind permits creating a project from scratch. However, you would save some time if you start from a previous work on Sketch or Photoshop. Similarly, you can pick the target device template instead of entering the prototype’s settings by hand. Then, you can start designing the future interface, with total control of the elements in terms of style, size and layout. In this regard, it is great that you can create wireframes that help developing responsive interfaces, which adapt to different types of devices and resolutions. What is more, it supports using liquid containers that adapt to various screen sizes, orientations and aspect ratios. Regrettably, it does not come with many ready-made backgrounds.

The tool supports adding realistic interactions to your prototypes, including the possibility to create conditional navigation flows. Likewise, it comes with multiple animations and transitions for you to choose from. To add more realism, the application lets you create smart forms and data lists, which allow validating form fields.

While you design your mockup, you can check your work periodically by testing it in various ways. For instance, you can simply try the design on your browser. Moreover, it can be tested on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Besides, you can export the prototype to HTML code, which you can save and try on other machines.

It is excellent that this product comes with various features that facilitate collaborating. In this respect, the stakeholders of your project can open the mockup on their browsers and even make annotations as to their satisfaction with the design or express additional requirements without leaving the page. In addition, it is possible to export project documentation including the required visuals.

All in all, Justinmind is undoubtedly one of the best products of its type available out there. It may have a great impact on cost reduction and client satisfaction with your work. The product can be tried with no limitations for a month, which seems quite reasonable. It can be paid for on either a monthly or a perpetual basis.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates responsive apps
  • Uses real data
  • Multiple interactions and transitions
  • Various device templates
  • No need to write code
  • Supports collaboration
  • Exports documentation
  • Realistic prototypes


  • Does not come with many ready-made backgrounds
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