JuhOS X 1.0

JuhOS X is a file invisibility toggler as well as a file browser and launcher
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JuhOS X is a file invisibility toggler as well as a file browser and launcher. With the name being a portmanteau of the developer's first name and "OS X" (also a backronym for "Just Useful Handy Operating Software"), it is a simple application but one that can nonetheless come in useful for handling the elusive property of file invisibility.

Double-clicking the strange icon (I have changed it on my computer to one that fits the program's functionality better) opens a straightforward file browser interface with no icons, and invisible files and folders differentiated from visible ones by their italicized text. Browsing is achieved by double-clicking a folder to descend the file directory and using the "Go Back" button to ascend it; no other means of navigation are available. Still, it's nice to have even the simplest of graphical user interfaces as an alternative to Terminal commands and the like.

Sam's Protip: Trying to make a file invisible will fail if the file is read-only for the active user, an attribute that can be changed in the Get Info dialog for that file.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Toggles visibility without changing file name
  • Can view and open invisible files and folders from application


  • Invisible and visible files aren't clearly differentiated visually
  • Cannot handle files with incorrect permissions
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