JPEG4Web 1.9

JPEG4Web is designed to help you resize and compress photo files.

JPEG4Web is designed to help you resize and compress photo files. The tool preserves the original JPEG format, but it reduces the image size so that you can share and upload the files more easily on the web.

The program opens with a simple and rather dull interface. Still, the main window becomes more attractive after the images are imported. Loading files is done easily by dropping files and image folders onto the app. Once this operation is done, you get a thumbnail-like preview of all the imported photos, complemented by a convenient image display at a larger scale. The tool offers to rotate the files and to crop custom areas of selected images, as well as add image watermarks. In addition, it provides you with the ability to decrease the image quality and the image scale by using handy sliders. While dragging the slide bars, the tool shows in real time at the bottom of the window the resulting size of the image you are altering. Furthermore, you can save your custom resizing parameters as presets for further use. The tool lets you preserve the creation date from the original.

In short, JPEG4Web offers a simple solution to resize images for easy sharing. It has the ability to process multiple files at once and it allows you to save resizing presets so that you can work more efficiently.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy resizing procedure by using sliders
  • Preserves the creation date of the original file
  • Can save custom resizing presets


  • Supports image watermarks only
  • The crop function doesn't actually work
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