JollysFastVNC 1.4

VNC client which aims to become the best VNC client on the Mac.
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JollysFastVNC is a VNC client which aims to become the best VNC client on the Mac. When I started ScreenRecycler I thought that there are enough VNC clients out there to support it. When the program started to get useful I realized that the VNC clients available on the Mac were pretty slow and people were complaining about the speed of ScreenRecycler. I was using VNCThing at the time which proved to be acceptable on PPC Macs but does not run on Intel Macs. Without a proper viewer people can't access ScreenRecycler in a way I imagined. So I started programming JollysFastVNC to enable people using ScreenRecycler. As I got a few mails about the VNC capabilities of JollysFastVNC I decided to enhance the program to be a fully functional VNC client. It's still in the early stages of development, even though somewhat usable and fast. Use the applications about box to mail me problem as I do not read the comments here.

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