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JollysFastVNC Pro 1.2

Its aim is to be the best and most secure VNC client on the Mac.
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JollysFastVNC is a secure ARD and VNC client. Its aim is to be the best and most secure VNC client on the Mac. TaoofMac actually thinks it already has reached this goal.
JollysFastVNC is shareware. This means you can try out the program for free. You should consider buying it if you use it. You will be able to use it without buying it, but I strongly suggest you buy it and support development of new versions. It’s free to be used for connections to ScreenRecycler.

•Secure - SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS support inbuilt.
•Mac login, keyboard, pasteboard, remote screen lock and monitor selection support.
•Windows login and domain login support.
•Multiple connections, fullscreen, multi-monitor support.
•SmartZoom for viewing large remote desktops.
•International keyboard support
•Reverse connections including automated Nat-PMP / UPnP port opening on routers.
•WakeOnLan support.
•Global/Specific hierarchical preferences.
•Bonjour including auto connection to Bonjour hosts.
•Remote cursor support - including smartzoom movement.
•Automatic pasteboard synchronisation.
•vnc:// and jfvnc:// url schemes for opening vnc connections from other programs.
•VNC encodings ZRLE, Tight, zlib, rre, hextile, raw, copyrect, resolution change, pixel format change, lastrect and some more.

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