Joboshare iPhone Rip 3.3

Joboshare iPhone Rip is a utility designed to let you backup your iPhone.
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Joboshare iPhone Rip is a utility designed to let you backup your iPhone. It can be used to transfer data from your iPhone to your computer and to your iTunes libraries directly, and the other way around; from your Mac to your iPhone libraries, without having to use iTunes to sync your phone. This is an advantage for users who don't like iTunes or who can't sync their phones with iTunes for some reason.

Like many other similar apps, Joboshare iPhone Rip lets you easily browse the content on your iPhone. There is a list of data categories on the left pane, and the actual files will be shown on the right. When you first launch the app, you will see a list of information about your device that displays the name of the device, type, serial number and the space used for videos, music, photos, as well as the available space.

If you want to transfer content to your Mac, you can simply select the files by checking the boxes next to them and then clicking on the "Send to local" or "Send to iTunes library" buttons at the top of the screen. If you want to put content on your iPhone, you can either select a single file or a folder to add to your device.

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