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Joboshare iPhone Contact Transfer is a nice iPhone backup utility.
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Joboshare iPhone Contact Transfer is a nice iPhone backup utility. I thought that it would only allow me to transfer my contact information from my iPhone to my Mac, but I was wrong. The application also lets you transfer music, movies and ringtones. Any playlists that present on your phone can also be transferred back to your Mac or directly to iTunes. This makes the app rather useful.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this app is that it can transfer multiple files at once. This is called batch-mode processing. The trial version lets you transfer 100 items in a batch for free, and after you have done that, you can only transfer one at a time.

When you run this utility with an iPhone connected, you will see a short summary that contains some information about your device, such as iOS version, name, type, serial number, and available space. On the left, you will find all the different types of files that you can transfer. To backup a file, simply check the box next to it, and click on the "Transfer to Local" button, the third one from left to right on the toolbar at the top.

Joboshare iPhone Contact Transfer also lets you put music on your device by simply selecting an MP3 file on your Mac and transferring it. However, after a few tries, I gave up. It doesn't seem to work.

José Fernández
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  • It lets you do much more than transfer contacts
  • It detects iPhones that can't by synced with iTunes


  • Transferring music to my device didn't work
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