Jitouch 2.5

Add new gestures to the trackpad and Magic Mouse.
2.5 (See all)
Expand the standard set of Multi-Touch gestures on Mac devices and integrate a new Preferences pane. Access the additional content and incorporate it into tasks and processes to optimize the frequency, diversity, and stability of such actions as tab switching.

jitouch is a multi-touch extension for MacBook Trackpad & Magic Mouse. The additional gestures in jitouch are thoughtfully designed and tested to let you perform simple tasks even more easily and using only one hand such as changing tabs, closing windows, changing spaces, moving and resizing windows, and a lot more. Character Gestures is a new feature that also allows you to invoke commands by drawing an English letter or a simpler gesture such as up, right, up-right, and so on. Please visit our website to see the list of all gestures.

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