Jitouch 2.73

Add new gestures to the trackpad and Magic Mouse.
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Expand the standard set of Multi-Touch gestures on Mac devices and integrate a new Preferences pane. Access the additional content and incorporate it into tasks and processes to optimize the frequency, diversity, and stability of such actions as tab switching.

jitouch is intended to expand the set of mouse gestures. This way, it can make it easier to perform common tasks, such as switching tabs, resizing windows, saving files and closing windows. The app is not accessible from Finder. Instead, it adds a new pane to System Preferences. The tool is very easy to use, but, if you have any questions, it is a good idea to watch the online videos that teach you how to use each gesture.

The app’s pane has various tabs. Luckily, there are separate tabs for configuring different features, like Trackpad, Magic Mouse and Characters. In this regard, there are 9 default Trackpad gestures, but you can toggle them on and off as you please. Besides, you can add many more as up to 31 are supported. Magic Mouse, in turn, comes with 8 default gestures with the possibility to have up to 19.

I confess I have a hard time remembering all those gestures, so my favorite feature is Characters. It works by drawing a given character on the trackpad or with the Magic Mouse, which is then recognized by the app and triggers a specific action. Fortunately, you can receive immediate feedback of whatever you are drawing. This way, you use easy-to-remember associations between characters and actions. For example, drawing an N opens a new document and an S saves it.

jitouch supports many gestures, probably more than what most people can remember. In this regard, it would be good if it allowed using different sets of gestures, which you would choose according to the type of user you are. Of course, this is something you can do manually by disabling those you do not master yet.

In general, jitouch is very accurate in understanding your gestures, probably more than any other similar app. Although it allows using an impressive number of gestures, there are some supported by other tools but not by jitouch. Fortunately, the product can be downloaded from the developers site from where you can also get a free license.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple gestures
  • Allows adding your own gestures
  • Very accurate gesture recognition
  • Easy-to-remember character gestures


  • Current version only supports Mojave and Catalina
  • There are some unsupported gestures
  • Would be good if it allowed using different sets of gestures
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