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Jetlane is a good-looking, futuristic racing game for the Mac.
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Jetlane is a good-looking, futuristic racing game for Mac. In this game, you drive a very technically advanced ship through a variety of tracks. The tracks look like they are suspended in space. There is only one mode that you can play. In this mode, you take laps around a track to achieve the best time result. After each lap, you see a ghost image of your best time in that racing session. A ghost image is simply a recording of your best lap. If you are faster than your ghost time, hence achieving a new best lap time, you will get a silver medal. If you improve your silver time, you will get a gold medal. With the silver and gold medals, you unlock two new ships that were previously locked. These offer better maneuverability and speed. The gameplay is quite nice. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that, when you hit jumps, you need to stay on the track. If you fall off the track, your ship will be reset and you will lose quite some time.

The graphics are quite good for a 4 dollar game. The music is pretty good as well and it gives the game a sense of urgency. The controls are quite easy to use, but I found myself overturning a lot and there weren't any options to decrease the sensibility of the controls.

In conclusion, Jetlane is a nice game that has three playable ships and quite a few different tracks for you to race in and improve your time results.

José Fernández
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  • Nice graphics and music


  • The controls were a bit too sensitive
  • Few modes
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