Jenga 1.6

Jenga is the official version of the popular block game.
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Jenga is the official version of the popular block game. Just like in the original, real-world game, in Jenga for the Mac, you need to remove blocks from a tower and place them on the top of the tower in turns, preventing the tower from falling. If the tower falls in your turn, you lose. I believe Jenga can be played by multiple players. The Mac version has different game modes. There is the classic mode, which simulates the way you would play Jenga in your living room. But there is also the arcade mode. In this mode, the blocks are painted in different colors and you get coins for every block that you successfully remove and relocate on the top of the tower. You can make combos by removing same-color blocks, and can buy boosts with those coins. Jenga also features an online mode, which lets you test your skills against other players via the Internet.

This game looks great on the Mac. The controls are very simple and they contribute a lot in making this a fun game to play. You can play the game with the mouse and the only button you need to press is your left mouse button. Interacting with the blocks feels satisfying and real.

In conclusion, Jenga plays really well on Macs. I didn't experience any crashes, like some users have complained about. You can play the game in full screen or in a window.

José Fernández
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