JarBundler 2.0

ANT task to create Mac OS X apps from JAR files
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How many times has this happened to you? You've written a little Java utility, or maybe even a more complex application, and you want to create Mac OS X application bundle for easy distribution. You'd like to be able to do it automatically from your build process, but you're forced to go run the Apple Jar Bundler and tweak all the settings manually every time you build.
Well no more! JarBundler is a feature-rich ant task which will create a Mac OS X application bundle from a list of Jar files and a main class name. You can add an Icon resource, set various Mac OS X native look-and-feel bells and whistles, and maintain your application bundles as part of your normal build and release cycle.
This is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. The usage page HTML is included or can found on-line here
Based on JarBundler 1.4 copyrighted by Seth J. Morabito, Loom Communications
What's new in this version:
Added the optional 'splashfile' attribute to JarBundler task.
Thanks to Angelo van der Sijpt for this addition. When run under any Window OS, the file separator for included libraries is written with a backslash, '\', instead of a forward slash, '/'.
Thanks to Anthony Goubard for this fix. Version 2.0.0 isn't a major release, but the license as changed to the more flexible Apache Software License v2.0 (ASLv2). This allows the JarBundler ANT task to be b...

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