jalada Yam The Killer Potato 1.7

Take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam.
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Yam is a solider in the Potato Army. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his homeworld and rescue as many MIAs as possible. Many years ago the Potatos' Homeworld was invaded by a race of symbiotic cybernetic organisms. Since then the Potatos have faced a lifetime of war. Recently the Potato Army has decided to fall back, regroup and change their offensive strategy. But some soliders did not regroup. They were marked as Missing In Action and left. However one solider was not happy with this arrangement. Yam made it his mission to go out and "Bring Our Boys Home". There had been enough loss of life already and Yam wanted to bring back as many soldiers as possible, even if he died trying. But one thing puzzled him. The aliens could have wiped out their planet in just a matter of months. But they hadn't. The aliens could have taken all the resources they wanted and left. But they hadn't. What were they really after? And why?
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This new edition delivers great sound effects, improved performance as well as a number of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility updates.



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