jalada Children of Arisia

jalada Children of Arisia 1.0

jalada Children of Arisian is a futuristic real time strategy game.
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jalada GmbH

jalada Children of Arisian is a futuristic real time strategy game. You have to combat your enemies while developing your war economy. Everything runs in real-time, as opposed to turn-based games where you always have to wait for your turn. The trick is to balance the effort put into building your economy and building an army to defend and attack the enemies.

jalada Children of Arisian has a dynamic rate based economy. Energy is produced by power plants and magma gets pumped from hot spots. Buildings and mobile units are also built at a continuous rate. Control of larger parts of the map creates the potential to increase your economy throughput. Holding key points like roads and passages allow for different strategies.
10 Large game maps to conquer
Intelligence Display sets objectives dynamically
Fast Play Interface graphically Based
Quick Screen Navigation
Fast Find System for units & structures
Set Factories to constant production
internet/intranet multiplayer game
Challenging Computer-AI
Many sound effects
Gorgeous OpenGL graphics

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