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Jaksta Video Converter is a commercial video conversion app. It is one of the few commercial converters that I have tried that doesn't look exactly like the rest. It has an original design and an interesting approach to video conversion. This converter was designed so that you could play your video files on devices like AppleTV, iPad, Android phones, iPods, etc. Jaksta Video Converter is a smart converter and will only convert your file when it is needed. In some cases, when you select for example an iPhone as your target device, if the file you want to convert was encoded using MPEG-4 but inside a non-supported container, then the app will only change the container, without converting the file.

When you load a file into Jaksta Video Converter, it will analyze it and tell you if it needs conversion and how long the process will take. It doesn't precisely give you the minutes and seconds that it will take to convert the file, but it will tell you whether it is going to be a fast or slow conversion. The conversion can even have a notification "the fastest", but it may be applied in cases when the app doesn't really need to convert anything.

In my testing of this app, I loaded an MKV file and chose AppleTV as the target device. The conversion speed was set to fast. And 30 seconds of video were converted in 5 seconds. The file looked great in iTunes and I was able to stream it to my AppleTV.

This app is missing a few features that I have come to expect from other video converters: a video editor, customizable configuration settings and a video player.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It only converts when it needs to


  • No video editor
  • No advanced conversion settings
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