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Jack O Lantern is a nice Halloween-themed platform game.
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Jack O Lantern is a nice Halloween-themed platform game. In this game, you have to help Jack O'Lantern recover his lost body by making his head jump from platform to platform to find the rest of this body, which is usually on the far end of each level. There are 24 levels available, and the last one is only unlocked when you have completed the other 23 ones. To control the head, you can click on it and drag in any direction to make the head jump. You can click on it to make it jump when it is on the ground, or, you can click on it while in mid-air to force it to stomp. Stomping is great for when your jump is going to take you past your landing objective. If you fall off the platforms, you die and will have to restart the level. There will be candy on the screen that you can collect which will guide you through each level. It is not necessary that you collect any of the candy, but it helps you to find your way.

The first few levels are quite easy and some of the more advance ones present some challenges. But you won't find an extreme challenge here. The dark graphics give the game a nice Halloween atmosphere.

In short, Jack O Lantern is a nice game to kill some time. There is only one game mode, though, and not much replay value. But free is free, and I can't really complain about a free game.

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  • Nice, dark graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Free


  • Not very challenging
  • No replay value

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I did like this marvellous game. The graphics are awesome, the action reminds you of this funny holiday smile

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