iWeb Buddy

iWeb Buddy 1.7

Enables advanced features for iWeb.
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Do you like using iWeb but wished it had some advanced feature that you simply need for your website? Perhaps you want Google Analytics on your site or you want to add Social Bookmarks to your blog posts? Perhaps you just want to have more than one Domain file.
iWeb Buddy solves all of these issues for you! With iWeb Buddy you can "process" the pages generated by iWeb and add those pieces of html code or javascript that you need to make your site complete.
iWeb Buddy has the following features: Multiple Domain files that open properly in iWeb. Google Analytics injection. Social Bookmarks (Digg, Slashdot, etc.) Haloscan comments injection. Mint site tracking. RSS Feed redirection (for use with FeedBurner, etc.) RSS Feed linking on blog entries. Custom HTML body code Custom HTML header code And a lot more...
With iWeb Buddy you can customize your webpages designed in iWeb to be exactly the way that you want them. Add analytics, link your store to E-Junkie, add any javascript you want or need, just about any feature you can imagine! All without having to constantly re-add the code every time you publish a chance from iWeb.

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