iTunes 10.4

It lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer.
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iTunes in the Cloud beta lets you automatically download new music, apps, and book purchases to all your devices. Or you can download only the stuff you want to just the devices you want. iTunes is a free application for your Mac or PC. It lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. It can automatically download new music, app, and book purchases across all your devices and computers. And it’s a store that has everything you need to be entertained. Anywhere. Anytime. iTunes lets you enjoy all your music, movies, video, and TV shows on your Mac or PC. When you want to watch or listen to something, you no longer have to look through your CDs or flip through channels — just go to your computer and open iTunes. With your entire media collection in your iTunes library, you can browse everything faster, organize it all more easily, and play anything whenever the mood strikes. Music’s just the beginning. You can also rent or buy blockbuster movies, buy HD episodes of your favorite TV shows, shop for audiobooks, and download apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Subscribe to free podcasts about anything and everything. For further enlightenment, visit iTunes U and download free lectures, discussions, and lessons from universities and cultural institutions around the globe. You’ll find thousands of hours of entertainment on the iTunes Store. Select Music in Grid View and iTunes displays your entire music library using cover art. Turn on the Grid View header to select Artists, Albums, Genres, or Composers, and iTunes displays music based on your selection. Simply skim across a group to see the albums inside, and start playing an album with a single click. Movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks look great in Grid View, too. In Grid View, you’ll know instantly which TV show seasons and podcast subscriptions have unwatched episodes. Look for a blue indicator next to the poster art. Or turn on the Grid View header and select New in Grid View. Then you’ll see only the podcasts and shows you have yet to enjoy.Cover Flow displays all the album art in your music collection in one easy-to-navigate interface that mimics a CD collection or jukebox selection. Move between covers using the forward and back arrows or use the slider to browse faster. When you find what you want, double-click the artwork to start playing the album.View your entire music collection in columns: genres, artists, albums, groupings, and composers. Choose as many columns as you like, then browse your music even more easily. You can view the column browser at the top of your iTunes window or along the side.Make your own mix by creating a playlist of the exact songs you want, in the order you want them. Start by clicking the Add ( ) button in the lower-left corner. Give your playlist a name. Then simply drag songs into it. Rearrange the order of songs in your playlist by dragging and dropping.Have iTunes create a playlist for you based on your desired criteria — like all the rock songs you’ve added to your library in the past month or songs you’ve listened to more than 10 times. You can create many rules for a single Smart Playlist, based on media type, genre, and more. iTunes finds the songs, podcasts, movies, or TV shows that match your rules and creates a playlist that updates itself automatically.As you accumulate more and more playlists, consider organizing them in folders. To create a new folder, choose New Playlist Folder from the File menu. Double-click a folder to rename it.

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