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Web hosting control panel software for Mac OS X (desktop and server)
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Web hosting control panel software for Mac OS X (desktop and server) .iTools is a web site management system for both small to medium-sized web hosting providers that own or rent dedicated servers, and for large service providers who may wish to bundle iTools into their offerings. iTools is ideal for the professional hosting of multiple companies on a single server; it shortens the time and lessens the expertise needed to deploy new sites. iTools's secure, domain-specific, browser-based Apache administration, using a 9th generation suite of tools, makes Apache on Mac OS X, the easiest Apache in the world to administer. Using Apple's bundled Apache as a point-of-departure, Tenon's iTools extends this underlying server platform with an Apache 2 implementation, a point-and-click interface and a rich set of new features. Included with iTools, in addition to extensions and enhancements to the Mac OS X Apache web server, are a state-of-the-art domain name server, a multihoming FTP server, a robust SSL encryption engine to support eCommerce, a powerful caching engine with state-of-the-art proxy support, and a search engine. All of the tools are supported using a secure point-and-click browser-based administration tool.

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