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iStonsoft PDF Password Remover 2.1

iStonsoft PDF Password Remover is a utility that lets you decrypt your files.

iStonsoft PDF Password Remover is a utility that lets you decrypt your files. As you may know, PDF files can be encrypted in different ways. The most common type of encryption comes in the form of password-protecting the file so that it can't be opened. But it can also be protected so that the contents of the file are not copied or modified or so that the file can't be printed. This application can remove some of those limitations. If the PDF file that has an owner password, the app can remove it without the need to insert the password. However, if there is a user password in place, you must know and type the password before the application can lift the restriction.

If you have multiple files that you want to decrypt, you can add them all to the application, and it will take care of them one after the other without user input, unless the need arises for you to type a password.

In my testing, I created a PDF file out of a website using Mac OS X's built-in PDF printing method. I added a password to the file via the security settings and then loaded it onto the iStonsoft PDF Password Remover. When I clicked on the "Start" button, nothing happened, and the status of the file went from nothing to "fail". I tried creating another file and testing it again but nothing seemed to work. I didn't have another file to test the app with, so it just might be that it is incompatible to files created this way. The trial is free, so you can download it and give it a go. It might work for you.

José Fernández
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