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iSortPhoto is a very useful photo management utility. These days, with hard drives becoming cheaper and bigger every day, users don't have to sort or organize their photo collection as often as they once did when they would run out of space constantly. Thus, you may find at one point, when you do get down to it, that you have thousands of pictures and no easy way to tell from their filenames when they were taken, with what camera, or pretty much anything about them. iSortPhoto was designed to solve or, rather, alleviate this problem. By default, when you drag and drop your photos to iSortPhoto, they will be automatically renamed to include the date and time the photos were taken. Of course, if your camera didn't have its time set, this information will be useless. Besides renaming your images to include date and time information, this app can add a prefix or a suffix to your photos. The prefix can be the name of the camera, or you can set any text that you want to use. You can also manually fix the time of the pictures.

For iSortPhoto to work, your images must have EXIF metadata. If they don't have it, the application will refuse to process them.

In my testing, both the automatic date and time renaming, and the prefix and suffix features worked fine.

José Fernández
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