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Keep logs of your training sessions and analyze your performance.
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iSMARTtrain is intended to plan your physical training sessions, record data about them and analyze your performance. This tool supports connecting to a wide range of equipment, including heart rate monitors and cycle power meters. Fortunately, the application is not difficult to use and the help documentation is detailed and well-structured.

The standard view in the main window is that of a calendar, in which your different past and planned training sessions are shown. Besides, there are other three views possible. For instance, the List view shows a table with all the sessions and relevant data such as their distance, intensity, speed and duration. In the Sessions view, you can see graphs representing your activity per day or activity type. Additionally, there are views for totals by week, month and year.

As said, the app can import data, like a heart rate and time in power, directly from different types of equipment. In case your equipment is not supported or cannot be used for a specific sport, it is also possible to enter data manually. Then, you can carry out different types of analyses, such as contrasting actual data with the expected values and assessing progress via historical data.

You can create as many logs as you need. By default, there are three sports: running, cycling and swimming; still, you can add more custom ones if you need to. Likewise, you can set custom routes for sports like cycling and running.

Although the application can receive data from several training devices and sports; however, it does not allow condensing information about an entire team in a single window, which would be very helpful for their trainer.

All in all, iSMARTTrain comes in handy especially for athletes and their trainers; which does not mean it is not suitable for any fitness enthusiast. Fortunately, there is a trial version with no feature limitations. However, it can only store up to 20 sessions in its database.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a wide range of equipment
  • Multiple views
  • Calendar-like view
  • Supports manual data entry
  • Different types of graphs
  • Supports various log files
  • Allows adding custom sports and routes


  • No condensed view of information about an entire team
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