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Isis Photo Effects 2.3

Isis Photo Effects is software for adding spectacular effects to your images.
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Isis Photo Effects is a powerful and easy-to-use application which helps you to express your creativity by adding spectacular effects to photos.
The main task this software performs is creating stunning photographic effects with the categories of image processing. And namely, Isis Photo Effects can make duotones, provide unusual image processing filters and combine photos using masks.

In order to get an outstanding result, you should simply combine the First or Target photo, the Mask and the Second photo. The Final photo serves as a background, the mask is actually any raster image and the First photo applies its size and resolution to the Final picture.

It is important to note that photo positions can be moved which means the First or the Second photo can change one another or become a Mask, and a Mask, in its turn, can become a photo.

The software offers the following options within the selection of duotones: basic duotone, grayscale plus duotone, background color plus duotone, color-balanced duotone and photo plus duotone. While photo image processing offers the user such categories as the orton effect, enhanced dynamic range, shadow range, ansel effect, highlight range and others.

All this makes Isis Photo Effects a must-have for everyone who is eager to express oneself by creating dynamic and spectacular effects to the images.

Helen Shettler
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  • This app helps to share photos via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail
  • It is free
  • It can reduce the size of image to 1024 pixels in the longest direction


  • This app is difficult to use for people with a low level of proficiency as it requires the user to use additional tools
  • It cannot perform any other task, except combining photos into one image
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