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iSFV is an open-source file integrity verification tool.
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Siegfried Leonard

iSFV is an open-source file integrity verification tool. SFV stands for Simple File Verification. It is a file format that is generally used to store CRC32 checksums of other files to verify their integrity. Basically, let's say that you want to transfer 10 files on the Internet, but you want the person who will receive them to be absolutely sure that the files have not changed during transfer, which can happen. Then, you would create an SFV file, which stores information about your files. When the person receives the files, he could use iSFV to make sure that all the files are exactly the same. If one of the files changed, iSFV would let you know, and you could transfer it again.

The best way to use iSFV is to associate it with .SFV files. Then, whenever you want to check for the integrity of the files, you can click on the SFV file that accompanies them. The application would then scan all your files, and display different states depending on their integrity. Green means that the file is identical to the source one, red indicates problems, and orange means the file is missing.

I use iSFV as my main file integrity checker regularly, and it has always worked for me. With these apps, it isn't really important what extra features they pack, or how fancy they look. What is really important is that the results that they provide be precise and that you can depend on it, and I can say that iSFV gets high marks in those areas.

José Fernández
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