iScratch 1.0

Scratch without records - Some features: Create scratches without a turntable, mixer, or vinyl records.

iScratch allows you to scratch without records - Some features:
- Create scratches without a turntable, mixer, or vinyl records.
- iScratch produces realistic scratch sounds based on standard scratch notation - it "plays" the scratch with the realism of a turntable system.
- Anyone can add scratching to their music library.Create and edit
- Create basic scratches from the built-in tools: Push, Pull, Baby, Release, Chirp, Tear, Hold.
- Add Fader control with the Click tool - several clicks can simulate a Crab.
- Choose any sound to scratch (AIFF format). Change input sounds during the composition.
- Control the duration of the input sound. The Waveform control shows exactly which portion of the input will be used to generate the scratch.
- Control the pitch of the scratch. Edit the notation so that it plays over a shorter time but uses the same amount of input sample. This will produce a higher-pitched scratch.
- Copy & paste notations to easily repeat parts of your scratch.
- Drag notations to change their position.
- Create a few seconds or hours of scratching. Time and Measure tracks show how long your composition is.
- Play back the scratch composition or just the notation you are working on.
- Play the input (source) sound.
- Add a backbeat.Save and share
- Use the Document Info window to title your composition, set its copyright, or add notes.
- When you save your iScratch™ file, all of the input samples used to create it are bundled into the file. Send it to a friend and they will see and hear exactly what you created.
- Print your scratch composition like sheet music to use for performances.Export and mix
- Export your iScratch™ composition as an AIFF file. Put your composition on your Web site or import it into GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic, or your favorite music application.

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