iSafe Pro Unreg

iSafe Pro Unreg 1.2

iSafe Pro includes the features that were included in the Free iSafe version.
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If you liked iSafe lite you will love iSafe Pro. iSafe Pro includes and extends the features that were included in the Free iSafe version. iSafe Pro interface is now 25% larger than the Free iSafe version.
Create custom categories.
You can now create your own categories from within iSafe Pro, each category contains it's own custom fields that can be used when creating new records. All fields created can also be used with any other category.
Remove custom categories.
Categories that are user created can also be removed at any time if a category and fields become redundent.
Backup your iSafe records.
Records can now be backup or restored in iSafe Pro, backup not only contains your records but also contains all user's logins. Backup's are easy, just click backup and a archive of your data and user login's will be made. Each backup archive will automatically be dated and time stamped, backup's are easily restored by selecting the location of the archive and clicking restore.
Encrypt your documents.
You can safely and quickly encrypt multiple text documents from within iSafe Pro to prevent prying eyes from reading your personal information kept on your computer.
Type encrypted documents.
You can also safely type and encrypt text documents directly within iSafe Pro.

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