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Iron Money makes it simple to keep track of your accounts and transactions with your Mac.
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Iron Money makes it simple to keep track of your accounts and transactions with your Mac.
Simply add your accounts to keep track of your cash, checking, savings, and more. Then, as you make purchases, add your transactions to your accounts to keep your balances up to date.
Or, let Iron Money automatically update your accounts. It supports over four hundred different U.S. banks! Your account balances will automatically update and your transactions will be automatically downloaded.
Plan for the expected and unexpected changes in life with budgeting. Add a budget for your categories and Iron Money will take your income and split it up—automatically. Budget for the planned expenses in your life, like clothing and food. Save up money for infrequent bills and unplanned surprises—or maybe even a vacation.
Recurring transactions allow you to add a transaction that automatically repeats over a period of time. With recurring transactions, you simply add a transaction and set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It can repeat forever, or you can set it to stop on a particular day or after a certain number of times.
You can store receipts, checks, bills, statements, and any other documents with Iron Money’s file storage. You can add documents to any account, category, or transaction and easily open documents later.
You can receive notifications for your account balances, recurring transactions, and other important events. Low balance notifications will let you know when an account’s balance is running low, and high balance notifications let you know when you’ve surpassed a certain amount. Recurring transaction notifications can remind you of upcoming bills, or let you know when a transaction has been automatically created.
Iron Money syncs with, so you can access your finances wherever you are. You’ll need an account to use the app; it’s free to join and only takes a minute to sign up. After the initial sync, you can use the app without an Internet connection and it’ll sync with when an Internet connection is available.
Iron Money is really simple and easy to use, but still includes great features like:
-Add, edit, and delete any of your accounts, categories, transactions, and transaction splits.
-Keep track of your cleared and uncleared balance (available balance).
-See your net worth, account balances, income vs. spending, and spending per category over time in beautiful graphs.
-Each account can have a different currency.
-Syncs with, where you can export your data, import your data from other programs, and more!

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