IR Utilities

IR Utilities 1.6

Generates IR Pronto hex codes.
1.6.2 (See all)

This program will calculate pronto hex codes for functions of IR protocols(a database of protocols is included) for a given device number. Also the program includes a conversion calculator for decimal, hex and binary as well as a Pronto carrier frequency calculator. A decipher codes module is not presently complete. The codes can be saved as text or within buttons in the Tonto .zcf format.
What's new in this version:
Added auto device complement capability for pre-defined formats with a sub device. Entering "None" in the sub device field causes the program to use the device complement as the sub device. Added a Help screen for the Pre-Defined formats. Minor cosmetic fixes ( for example the code type pull down auto resets ). Fixed some incorrect grammar.Added "Additional Info" Tab for protocols that require more info than the "Calculate Codes" tab.Added Denon Kasei...

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