iPodder X Lite

iPodder X Lite 2.2

Listen to streaming audio broadcasts on your iPod.
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iPodder X

Podcasting is the way of the future, and iPodderX is the premiere Podcast client for the Mac. It receives internet-based Podcasts, automatically downloads those files to your computer, ready to be heard, seen, or read.
iPodderX uses the power of RSS 2.0 feeds to bring fresh content to your desktop automatically. Just like a newspaper or a cable TV subscription, RSS feeds can contain different types of content. Depending on which RSS feeds or Podcasts you subscribe to, iPodderX will deliver Audio, Movies, Images, Documents, and any other kind of file right to your computer. With iPodderX, you'll always have fresh content!
iPodder Lite offers a more basic version with a limited set of the features that make iPodderX so fantastic. It is freeware.

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