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A smart tool that helps you synchronize your iPod with iTunes.
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iPod.iTunes is a powerful application that enables you to synchronize your iPod with iTunes. iTunes already can do this task, but this program helps you synchronize only the songs and the playlist.
From the program settings you are able to choose if you want to synchronize the program to iTunes or to iPod. You are able to synchronize the songs, the playlist or the songs and playlist together. You are also able to manually copy the songs. When you start to copy files, the song that are already in the target will not be copied in order to avoid duplicates.

When you create a playlist entry in the target, from the source you can apply the rating, album rating, play count, skip count, last played, last skipped, and others.

The program supports and allows you to connect your iPod, iPad and iPhone.

A big disadvantage of this program is that you can lose all the data from your device when you select auto-synchronization. It is recommended to have a backup point in iTunes in order to be able to restore the previous settings in case that something goes wrong.

In conclusion, iPod.iTunes is a smart application that enables you to successfully synchronize the song and the playlist from your iPod with iTunes.

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  • Easy-to-use application
  • Fast synchronization process
  • Avoids duplicates


  • iTunes may auto sync and delete content of iPods



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