iPassepartout 1.2

It allows you to manage the content of Graphic, Audio, Movie and Text files.
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iPassepartout is a very powerful Cocoa application for MacOS X that allows you to inspect the content of any kind of file either by dragging a folder/file or by searching for files. iPassepartout lets you see/read/play/select/crop/copy/drag instantaneously, in an unique resizable window, the content of each file in list, no matter if it is a graphic, audio or movie, text, html or pfd file. iPassepartout lets you quickly inspect kinds of files like pdf, jpg, png, tif, pict, icns, bmp, photoshop, gif, tga, mp3, aif, wav, mpg, mov, avi, txt, rtf, rtfd, doc, html and more (see the complete list in the Release Notes page).
Also iPassepartout lets you performs special actions on the file list, like exporting all the images with custom size, resolution, graphic format (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF) and background color, or like exporting all the unique icons from the selected files.
iPassepartout is the ideal tool to search and browse within large archives like pictures, email, newsgroup, source code, common text, articles, movies, songs,... and is greatly helpful for searching works requiring intensive interaction (search/select/copy/paste) with text, graphics, audio and movies. According to most of its users, it can replace the Find command in the Finder and the application Preview of any Mac computer. Passe-partout (pronounced "pass-par-two") is a french word meaning "the universal key that opens all the room in a Hotel". That's iPassepartout for files.

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