IP Camera Utility

IP Camera Utility 1.0

Utility supporting the EyeSpy 247 F+ and similar cameras.

IP Camera Utility is a utility supporting the EyeSpy 247 F+ and similar cameras.
Features: Finds your camera(s) on your network Manage motion detection areas View video, listen to sound from the camera's microphone Adds a sound trigger with adjustable threshold Save video to your computer when triggered
Certain cameras like the Eyespy 247 F+ have admin features (in particular, setting up motion detection areas) which make use of ActiveX and therefore aren't accessible from OSX. This free application fills in those gaps. It also adds a sound trigger which isn't built into these cameras.
The list of cameras supported is small, including certain older cameras manufactured by Sercomm for EyeSpy 247, Xanboo and others. If the 'Find Cameras' feature finds your camera, this doesn't mean that your camera is actually supported.

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