IOGraph 1.0

A small tool for creating art based on your mouse movements.
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IOGraph is a desktop application that captures mouse movements and renders them as images. With this little tool you can determine in which screen sections the cursor activity is higher, as well as click hot spots. Results will get more accurate as you extend the monitoring activity for a longer time interval.

Mouse monitoring may be paused and resumed at any time. The interface displays all mouse activity in real time. I noticed that IOGraph works with a multi-monitor system and will automatically adapt to the size and width of your screen resolutions. Users can save the output as a PNG image without pausing monitoring.

The application draws a circle each time your mouse stops moving. The circle becomes larger the longer the cursor stays in place. This feature may be disabled. Also, you can can use the desktop (wallpaper, icons) as background. Currently there is no option for changing the mouse patch color (black) or default background color (white). IOGraph is best used in parallel with an activity that takes a great deal of time to complete and requires intensive mouse movements, such as Photoshop editing or playing Minesweeper.

Rory Shaffer
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  • High-quality image output
  • Image overlay
  • Pause monitoring


  • No custom trail color or background
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