Imagine the new and exciting ideas you can create using Autodesk Inventor Fusion technology to bring your designs to life.
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Imagine the new and exciting ideas you can create using Autodesk Inventor Fusion technology to bring your designs to life. This new, 3D CAD modeling software enables creation of designs through intuitive direct manipulation and easy to understand design tools.
•2D Sketching: Start your designs by using simple 2D sketch tools. Control sketches with dimensions. Create 2D layouts from which you can create multiple shapes fast.
•Direct Modeling: Push – pull and edit your way to your final desired result. Direct modeling means you can focus on your design task and not on complex modeling commands and dialogs. Autodesk Inventor Fusion technology is a history free 3D design tool.
•Assembly design: Assemblies that mimic the real world makes positioning and moving your design fast and predictable. Designing in context means you have all the right information to make design decisions. Flexible assembly structure ensures you can change your mind at any time.
•Real Time Visualization: Beautiful 3D and fast real-time navigation make creating and presenting your design easy.
•Cloud Storage: Store and Share your designs using Autodesk 360 collaboration service. Use Webgl enabled browsers or Autodesk Viewers for IOS to view your designs when on the go.
•AutoCAD® Compatibility:
Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology is compatible with other Autodesk® software products, making it easy for you to read files from colleagues and clients.
•Translators: Read SAT, STEP, DWG and Autodesk Inventor Files. Share data as STEP or STL. STL output means you are ready to use the growing number of 3D printers and printing services.
What’s New for Inventor Fusion Technology?
This release of Inventor Fusion Technology leverages key Mountain Lion features that
will help increase productivity and help the communication and socialization of 3D
CAD designs.
Integrated Mountain Lion Features:
•Notifications - Receive notifications when files are edited, updated, and more when
you combine the 3D CAD modeling power of Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology
and Autodesk 360 cloud services.
•Share Sheets – Show off your new designs or edits to existing designs via Share
Sheets. iMessage to coworkers, E-Mail to clients, Tweet to your friends and to the
•Full screen – Take your 3D CAD modeling full screen to maximize your productivity
and bring your design to the forefront.
•Airplay Mirroring – Show your designs off of the big screen! Airplay Mirroring helps
you take charge in your meeting with clients, coworker, and more.
System Requirement’s:
•Hardware Model ID: MacPro4,1 or later; MacBookPro5,1 or later (MacBookPro6,1 or later recommended); iMac8,1 or later (iMac11,1 or later recommended); MacMini3,1 or later (MacMini4,1 or later recommended); MacBookAir2,1 or later; MacBook5,1 or later (MacBook7,1 or later recommended)
•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7.2 or Later
•CPU: 64-bit Intel® processor
•Memory: 3GB RAM (4GB recommended)
•Hard disk: Download and installation 2.5GB free (3GB recommended
•Graphics card: All graphics cards on supported hardware
•Display resolution: 1280 x 800 with True Color (1600 x 1200 with True Color recommended)
•Keyboard: U.S. or U.K. keyboard layout
•Pointing device: Apple® Mouse, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, MacBook Pro trackpad, or MS-compliant mouse

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